Federal Pacific

Our parent company, Electro-Mechanical Corporation is a privately held, American-owned company founded in 1958. Our headquarters are located in Bristol, Virginia where we manufacturer a wide variety of products used in the generation, transmission, distribution and control of electricity.

These products, along with various electrical equipment repair and maintenance services, are used worldwide by a diverse mix of Energy, Electric Utility and Industrial type customers.

Specifically we offer the following items to the electrical distribution market:

Medium Voltage Dry Type Transformers

  • Single phase options available from 15kVA through 3000kVA, from 2.4kV class through 15kV class
  • Three phase options available from 15kVA through 10000kVA, from 2.4kV class through 25kV class
  • With option Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) and/or Epoxy Shield overcoat

Custom Solutions

  • Integration of Equipment and Function
  • Utility & Portable Substations
  • Automatic Transfer
  • Data Centers
  • Renewable Power
  • Retrofit Solutions

Product Brochures:

For product or service information call us on (713)-489-7629 or email