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Harmonic Filters
Meet IEEE-519
Improve Power Factor
Harmonic & Power Factor Analysis
Restore Sine Wave & Protect Motors
Power Factor Correction
Power Quality Analysis
Sine Wave dv/dt Filters


APQ develop a wide range of products to effectively and efficiently use electrical resources and have cost effective solutions for power factor correction.


  • Harmonic Filters (6 Technologies available)
  • Power Factor Improvement Capacitor Systems
  • Sine Wave (dv/dt) Filters ยท PWM Inverter Output Filters

Voltage Ratings

  • Low Voltage (1000 volts and less)
  • Medium Voltage (1001 to 35,000 Volts)
  • High Voltage (35,001 to over 500,000)

Assembly Styles

  • Metal enclosed equipment
  • Outdoor rack mounted equipment
  • OEM / Integrator kits available for some products

Product Availability

  • Over 200 Harmonic Filters in stock
  • Over 200 Sine Wave (dv/dt) Filters in stock
  • Power Factor Capacitor Banks in stock

Technical Support

  • Application Engineers available
  • Product Technical Notes, Tutorials, Articles and Seminars available
  • Circuit Simulation & Power Quality Analysis available

Product Brochures

For product or service information call us on (713)-489-7629 or email