Raycap Strikesorb 30-B Class I & II rated

Raycap announce an upgrade to its flagship Strikesorb 30 surge protection device (SPD). The recent upgrade to Striksorb 30 adds Class I rating. The device is now Class I & Class II rated per IEC 61643-11. The 30-B module also has a UL Type 2 Component Assembly certification and improved VPR levels.

Excerpt from Windpower Engineering & Development post

“This new improvement upgrades the Strikesorb 30 to a Class I product per IEC 61643-11 and offers more robust protection in a small form factor,” said Zafiris Politis, Vice President of Research & Development for Raycap. “Our Strikesorb products have the ability to be installed in locations with very high short circuit current conditions without failure or degradation, all the while continuously and safely protecting mission-critical electrical equipment from damage caused by lightning surges.”